We are very blessed that our community financially supports Johnson Ferry Christian School by paying a substantial portion of the cost to fulfill its purpose-driven outreach mission of bringing Christian values, sound spiritual principles, and educational prosperity to young hearts and minds. We thank all for their support.

An Investment

Obtaining an education at our school is an investment in your most priceless asset—your child. JFCA is a self-funded program; we rely on tuition and charitable contributions to continue the ministry.

Scholarship Opportunities

Through Georgia GOAL & gifts of generosity, Johnson Ferry Christian Academy can offer needs based scholarships.

Steps to Apply:

  • Email JFCA Account Manager, Margaret Bailey.
  • In order to qualify for GOAL, the student must have come from a Georgia public school or homeschool situation prior to enrolling at JFCA or previously qualified for the program or a similar one.
  • Complete FACTs application with application fee.
    • Upload copy of your most recent federal tax return.
    • Upload copies of W-2s.
  • Parents will be notified of any possible award via email.